Science Discovery Day & Open Night, 7 March

This Saturday 7 March will be a busy day for Science in St Andrews. Between 10 AM and 4 PM, the Physics and Astronomy Building at the North Haugh will be filled with science demonstrations for Science Discovery Day. We’ll also be there with Shine, with our pulsar piano keyboard: find us in the lounge if you want to know more about rapidly rotating neutron stars, and compose your own pulsar symphony! More info, and a map to the building can be found here.

In the evening, we’ll move to the University Observatory, for an evening of star gazing (weather permitting) and music. The telescopes will be open between 6 and 9 PM, and we will be there with a large radio receiver to see if we can pick up background radiation from the Big Bang, and our pulsar piano keyboard will also make an appearance. The St Andrews Scholarship Brass Quintet of the Music Centre will perform astronomy inspired music, and St Andrews astronomers will give public talks about the science behind the themes explored in the music. There will also be activities for children (and parents!).

Download our program booklet for the Open Night here: open_night_7march2015_programbooklet

The University Observatory, with the largest optical telescope in the UK!

The University Observatory, with the largest optical telescope in the UK!

About Anne-Marie Weijmans

I am a reader in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of St Andrews, and the data release coordinator of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. My research is on galaxies, but here you will see me mostly as project manager of Shine. I hold an STFC Leadership Fellowship in Public Engagement.
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