We’re back!

Anne-Marie Weijmans
Monday 26 June 2017

We have been a bit quiet on the webpage, but a lot of Shine work has continued since the International Year of Light. And we’re very happy to now report that we’re back with a new series of event! We will keep exploring light and all its fascinating properties through Science, Art and Music, and keep an eye on this website and our twitter account @shine_iyl2015 to see what we have planned.

First on the agenda: Shine goes to Hull! Hull is UK City of Culture 2017, and that seemed a perfect occasion for British astronomers to organise their National Astronomy Meeting in Hull. Astronomer Dr Anne-Marie Weijmans and artist Tim Fitzpatrick will be there too, with an updated version of the artwork that Tim designed for the Byre Theatre in St Andrews, celebrating the use of spectra in the MaNGA galaxies survey.

If you are in the neighbourhood, then do drop by and let us know what you think of this art installation! The artwork will be on display Monday 3 – Thursday 6 July, in Middleton Hall, University of Hull: that’s building 36 on this map. And we can especially recommend the public talk by astronomer Professor Chris Lintott, well-known from the BBC program ‘The Sky at Night’, who will be talking about galaxies! You can attend for free, but you do need to register to make sure that you’ll have a seat.


MaNGA observing plate and emission line spectra, all combined in an art-installation by Tim Fitzpatrick. Picture taken in the Byre Theatre, St Andrews, 7 November 2015. Credit: T. Fitzpatrick.

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